Objection to Applied-for mark  “EreX24, figure” accepted.

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 74.2(h), the IP Law.

National trademark application No.4-2018-24673 “EreX24, figure” filed on July 25, 2018 for “functional foods (for medical purposes)” in Class 05 under the name of Joint Stock Company LAGUNA (VN) ( the Applicant) was objected by a third party.

The grounds for the objection is that the contested mark "EreX24, figure" is confusingly similar to the following prior marks, currently in effect in Vietnam: (i) National trademark Registration no.218102 “ErexOn” for “plant-based functional foods for medical purposes” in Class 05 under the name of American Naturals Inc., and (ii) Intl’ Registration of mark no.517517 “EPREX” for “pharmaceutical preparations for stimulating red blood” in the Class 05 under the name of Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V.,

The IP Vietnam has sent a Notice to the applicant about the objection. However, the prescribed time limit to respond to the office’s Notice has expired but the applicant has not responded. Holding that the reason for the objection is well-founded the IP Vietnam has accepted the objection./.

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