Applied-for mark  “Fase, ACOUSTICS”  is being opposed

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 112, IP Law

Fane International Limited, headquartered at Unit 4, Ripley Close, WF6 1TB Normanton, Wakefield, UK, owner of National (VN) Trademark Registration No.171711- “FANE, figure” for “loudspeakers and electronic amplification systems” in Class 09, currently in effect  in Vietnam, and earlier applied-for trademark application no. 4-2022-15670-“FANE PRO AUDIO” and no.4-2022-15672-“FANE”  for "loudspeaker; public sound system”  in Class 09 (the cited trademark/applications) has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose national (VN) applied-for mark application No. 4-2022-39523 - “Fase, ACOUSTICS”  for “sound equipment and machines; audio transmission equipment; audio mixer; sound amplifiers; loudspeaker; jukebox" in Class 09 on the grounds that the applied-for mark is confusingly similar to the cited mark/applications already registered/filed, in particular (i) the dominant  and distinctive elements which are the word "Fase" in the applied-for trademark application and the word "FANE" in the cited mark/applications are similar in respect of their structure and pronunciation, and (ii) the products bearing these marks are identical and/or similar to each other.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam./.

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