Opposition to Applied-for mark  “COCOJEANS, figure” accepted.

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 112, the IP Law.

CHANEL (FR), owner of the Intl. Trademark Registration No.363419 “COCO” designating Vietnam on October 22, 2020 has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose Vietnam Trademark Registration No.4-2019-45797“COCOJEANS, figure” sought for registration of clothing products in Class 25 on the grounds that the intended applied-for trademark is confusingly similar to the already registered trademark “COCO” currently in effect in Vietnam, specifically:

(i) The word element COCO, which plays a dominant and distinctive role in the applied-for mark “COCO JEANS, figure”  is similar to the cited earlier mark COCO in terms of structure, pronunciation and visual impression. The word "JEANS" is the common name of the product, so it’s indistinctive and should not be taken into account;

(ii) the product bearing the applied-for trademark (namely, clothing in Class 25) is similar to the product bearing the cited earlier  mark (namely, all types of clothing, including boots, shoes and slippers in Class 25).

The NOIP held CHANEL's objection well-founded, while the prescribed time limit has expired and the objected party still has no response on this matter, so it has issued a Notice accepting the objection/.

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