Complex mark “BEEKEI...,figure” is proposed to be invalidated

Ground: Article 87.7, 96.1(a), 96.3, the IP Law; Article 3.3 of the Civil Code 91/2015/QH13 and Article 6septies of the Paris Convention.

Pham & Associates, authorized and acting on behalf of Natures Aid Ltd., the owner of National Reg. UK00002503126 “natures aid, figure”, UK00001438553 “NATURES AID” and Intl’ Reg. No.1520797 “NATURES AID” and Intl’ Reg. No.1521771”natures aid, figure” designating  Vietnam,  has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to request the invalidation of  the Trademark Registration No.259686 “BEEKEI L 30 TABLETS natures aid Lutein Eye Complex, figure”  for products in Class 03 on the grounds that the mark owner is not entitled to file an application and the mark registration has been granted as a result of the dishonesty of the applicant.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam.

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