Registered mark “TNA TENIMEX, figure” is proposed to be partially cancelled

Ground: Article 95.1.d  and 95.4, the IP Law

Authorized by and representing Aritzia LP (Canada), Pham and Associates has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to consider cancelling a part of the validity of the mark registration No.161409 “TNA TENIMEX, figure” on the ground of non-use in Vietnam since October 1, 2016 (according to  Investigation Report No.79/VKTTC-TTGC-CVNH dated October 25, 21 of the Journal of Price & Market – Ministry of Finance).

Specifically, it is proposed to cancel the registration validity for the service "buying and selling: leather shoes, handbags, watches, glasses, clothes" in  Class 35.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam.

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