Applied-for mark “ZOOMIN” is being opposed

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 112, IP Law.

Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG, addressed at Podbielskistrasse 11, 30163 Hannover, Germany (DE), owner of VN Trademark Registration No. 337394 “LEIBNIZ ZOO” (the cited mark) for protection of products/service in Class 29,30 and 41 has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose national (VN) applied-for mark application No.4-2022-03802  “ZOOMIN” for protection of products “Chocolate; confectionery; candy; biscuit; cake; dough cake; noodles (pasta noodles...in Class 30 on the grounds of confusing similarity to the earlier cited mark, in particular (i) the products in Class 30 covered by these marks are identical and/or similar to each other, and (ii) the marks are similar in respect of structure, visual and phonetic impression.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam./.

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