Applied-for mark  “XI MĂNG NIPPON CEMENT, figure” is being opposed

Grounds: Article 73.2; 74.2(e); 74.2(i) and 112, IP Law.

Comité International Olympique, addressed at Château de Vidy, CH-1007 Lausanne (CH), owner of International Trademark Reg. No.788585 “Olympic rings”, which is 5  interlaced color (blue, black, red, yellow, green) rings of equal dimensions circles on a white background (the cited mark) for protection of products/service in Class 19 and other classes has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose national (VN) applied-for mark application No.4-2022-21183 “XI MĂNG NIPPON CEMENT, figure”” for protection of cement products in Class 19 on the grounds of confusing similarity to the earlier cited mark, in particular (i) the products in Class 19 covered by the cited mark and by the applied-for mark are identical and/or similar to each other, (ii) the figurative element of the applied-for mark is similar in structure and visual impression to the cited mark, and (iii) the use of the applied-for mark, if accepted for registration, is likely to reduce the distinctiveness of the cited mark which has been widely recognized and used and has become well known.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam./.

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