Applied-for mark “VNOLYMPIC PLAS” is being opposed

Ground: Article 74.2(e), IP Law

Comité International Olympique (“IOC”), the owner of Intl’ Registration No.1026243 “OLYMPIC, figure” designating Vietnam for products/services in Class 19, 20 and other Classes has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose applied-for mark application No.4-2021-28743 “VNOLYMPIC PLAS” sought for registration for service of “trading plastic furniture including: beds, cabinets, chairs, tables, shelves, shelves, plastic doors, plastic floor tiles, plastic partitions, plastic photo frames, plastic ceiling panels, plastic moldings, panels. plastic walls, plastic decorations (including: flowers, baskets, vases, plates, cameras, lamps) in Class 35 on the ground of confusing similarity to the earlier mark “OLYMPIC, figure” of IOC.

The case is being reviewed by the IP Vietnam./.

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