Applied-for mark  “PONDA TEA..., design of a panda bear” is being opposed

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 112, IP Law.

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., addressed at 1683 Walnut Grove Ave., Rosemead CA 91770 (US)), owner of Intl’  Registrations no.1153885 và no.1179944 “PANDA EXPRESS”; 1152260 và 1177925 “PANDA EXPRESS GOURMET CHINESE, design of a panda bear”  (the cited marks) – protected in Vietnam for services in Class 43 has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose the national applied-for mark application No. 4-2022-10870 “PONDA TEA..., design of a panda bear” for restaurant services, delivering food and beverage prepared by restaurants ....belonging to Class 43 on the grounds that (i) the services that the applied-for mark registered for is confusingly identical or similar to those of the cited prior mark, and (ii) the applied-for mark consists of signs that are confusingly identical or to those of the cited prior marks.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam./.

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