Applied-for mark " K YAKARA, hình " is being partially opposed.

Grounds:  Art. 74.2(e) and 112, IP Law

On behalf of and authorized by the mark owner, Yara International ASA., addressed at P.O. Box 343 Skoyen, NO-0213 Oslo, Norway, Pham and Associates has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose a part of application No. 4-2021-47037 “K YAKARA, figure” sought for registration of goods/products in Class 01 & 05 on the ground that the applied-for mark is confusingly similar to the already existing registered marks “YARA” and “YARA, figure” (the cited marks) of Yara International ASA.

In particular, the appearance and pronunciation of the applied-for mark is similar to those of the cited marks and a part of the list of products of the applied-for mark, namely ”fertilizers; fertilizing preparations; plant growth regulators” in Group 01, is identical/similar to the those of the cited marks.

The case is being reviewed by the IP Vietnam./.

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