Applied-for mark “CUP THAILANA” is being opposed

Grounds: Articles 73.5;  74.2(e); 74.2(g); 74.2(i); 90(2) và 112, the IP Law

Honda Motor Co.,Ltd., the owner of protected trademarks No. 12829 “SUPRE CUB”, No. 216485 “AT CUB” and Trademark Applications No. 4-2017-15541 “ CROSS CUB” and No. 4-2020-40944 “CUB” has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose the applied-for mark under application No.4-2021-25187 “CUP THAILANA” to be registered for “motorcycles; electric motorcycles; motorbike” in Class 12  on the ground of confusing similarity to the Honda Motor’s earlier trademarks and applications for the same products, namely “motorcycles” that has been widely recognized in the world and Vietnam.
The case is being under consideration of the IP Vietnam.

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