Applied-for mark  “CC, CC GROUP, figure” is being opposed

Grounds: Article 74.2(e) and 112, IP Law

CHANEL, Département des Marques, addressed at 135 avenue Charles de Gaulle F-92200 Neuilly-Sur-Seine Cedex (FR), owner of International Registration of Mark No. 1189929 “CC logo” (the cited mark) for protection of products in Class 03 and a number of other classes has petitioned with the IP Vietnam to oppose national (VN) applied-for mark application No. 4-2022-38937 “CC, CC GROUP, figure” for protection of “Cosmetics; essential oil; perfume; hand sanitizer (not for medical purposes); washing-softener liquid” in Class 03 and products “functional food, food supplements; nutritional food for medical use” in Class 05 the grounds of confusing similarity to the earlier cited mark, in particular (i) the products in Class 03 and 05 covered by these marks are identical and/or similar to each other, and (ii) the stylized, interlocking two letter C, which is the dominant figurative element of the applied-for mark, is confusingly similar in structure and visual impression to the cited mark “CC logo. Therefore, if the opposed mark is accepted for registration and used, it would make consumers confused about the commercial origin of the products or would establish a link between the aforesaid marks, leading to weakening of the distinctiveness of the trademark “CC logo” which enjoyed the reputation for years in many countries including Vietnam.

The case is being handled by the IP Vietnam./.

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