"Ackermann" is accepted for registration


Applied-for mark “Ackermann” of Intl’ application no. 1069088A of MARCO SEITZ for  “Yarns, twisted yarns, monofilaments, namely, fully synthetic threads consisting of a single fiber, for textile purposes; threads spun and non spun, all of the above goods of natural and synthetic materials for textile purposes” in Class 23 has been provisionally   rejected for registration by the NOIP’s Notification no.2011/10TDH27 dated 15/3/2012 on the ground that the applied-for mark is confusingly similar to the cited trademark “Ackermann” of Registration no. 173585 for the same Class 23, granted Finka Jevtic.

On behalf of the applicant, Pham & Associates appealed against the NOIP’s refusal notification,  arguing that Finka Jevtic - owner of the cited trademark  "Ackermann" of the Registration no.173585 had assigned this trademark to MARCO SEITZ, so the mark is no longer can be a cited trademark on which the NOIP can base for rejecting the applied-for mark "Ackermann" under the name of  MARCO SEITZ.

Having reviewed the case and found  the complaint grounded, the NOIP issued Decision 2513/QĐ-SHTT dated 30/06/2020 to cancel its previous refusal notification and to accept the registration of “Ackermann” of Intl’ application no. 1069088A.

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