We offer various legal services concerning corporate matters, including establishment of new enterprises, organization and operation of enterprises, re-organization of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions of enterprises, dissolution of enterprises, and bankruptcy of enterprises.


We render the following key legal services:

  • Providing expert advice on and assistance in the establishment of domestic-invested enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam; advising on forms of enterprises, modes of capital contribution to enterprises, names of enterprises, scopes of business, conditions for enjoying preferential incentives according to governing law, etc; advising on and drafting corporate charters, joint-venture contracts, and internal rules of enterprises; assisting clients in registering operations, registering seals, and applying for sub-licenses and tax codes.
  • Being a reliable companion to clients, we can assist you with your business ideas and plans right after being initiated till your official operation with the most preferential incentives in accordance with the prevailing Vietnamese law; providing advice on and assistance in setting up branches and representative offices of enterprises, registering product codes, registering pharmaceuticals, publishing quality products, etc.
  • Providing advice on and assistance in establishing overseas Vietnamese-invested enterprises, setting up overseas branches and representative offices of Vietnamese enterprises.
  • Giving clients advice on and assistance in the implementation of business production plans; assisting clients in the negotiation and establishment of contracts and agreements with their partners.
  • Acting for and representing clients in the settlement of disputes arising from their business production activities.
  • Providing legal services regarding re-organization of enterprises, including but not limited to, change in capital contribution, change in members to enterprises, division of enterprises, separation of enterprises, and conversion of enterprises.
  • Providing legal services regarding mergers and acquisitions of enterprises (M&A) such as seeking partners to M&A deals, evaluation of enterprises, due diligence of enterprises, drafting and signing M&A contracts, and settlement of financial, accounting, labor and corporate governance disputes arising during the implementation of M&A deals.
  • Providing legal services regarding termination of enterprises’ operations through dissolution of enterprises and bankruptcy of enterprises.

Pham Quoc Long, Attorney at Law
Business Law Department
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Email: hanoi@pham.com.vn

Trinh Thi Lan Huong, Attorney at Law
Business Law Department
Phone: (84-24) 38 244 852 - Ext: 512
Email: hanoi@pham.com.vn

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