There are Vietnamese businesses 'forging' their own products

"During the inspection process, we found Vietnamese businesses placing orders for their own products, but with poorer quality in a neighboring country and then bringing them back to sell in local markets" said Truong Van Ba, Deputy Head of the Office of the National Steering Committee 389
On November 27th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Representative Office the National Office of Intellectual Property in Ho Chi Minh City, General Department of Market Management and Vina CHG Company organized an anti-counterfeiting forum to protect corporate brand in the “Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

Data from the National Steering Committee 389 shows that in the past 10 months, this unit has detected nearly 80,000 cases involving counterfeit goods, pirated goods, intellectual property infringement (up 7% compared with 2017).
Assessing the functional forces in the fight against counterfeit and smuggled goods, Truong Van Ba said these forces have made great efforts shown by the number of detected and sanctioned cases that has been on an increase year by year.

Truong Van Ba also said that in Ho Chi Minh City, a market management staff must be responsible for supervising up to 3,000 businesses. So he/she cannot inspect or manage all these even if he/she spends the whole year on the road. Market management forces are facing not only human resource shortage but also management and supervision tools.
"During the inspection, we found that Vietnamese enterprises going to neighboring countries, placing orders for their own products with lower quality, then bringing them back for local consumption" Ba revealed.

Talking about anti-counterfeiting in the “4th Revolution”, Than Duc Cong, Head of Professional Division of the General Department of Market Management (GDMM), acknowledged that this problem is becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to access. "From 2017 to September 2018, GDMM has checked over 30,000 cases, imposing administrative penalties of over 100 billion VND, the value of confiscated goods is nearly 1,000 billion VND. Trading and selling fake goods are causing great negative impacts on the society and people's benefits. Therefore, it must be strictly treated in accordance with the law, "Mr. Cong emphasized.

(Source TPO)

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