How to Ensure the Quality of Patent Translation at Pham & Associates


Since its foundation in 1991, Pham & Associates has been being the most prolific filer of patents in Vietnam. Therefore, how to control the quality of translation of patent application from foreign languages into Vietnamese is a crucial matter that could enhance or deteriorate the firm’s reputation. Last year Pham & Associates filed nearly 800 patent applications and 90% of which were from foreign clients.


Patent translation, whether conducted by the firm’s patent attorneys or outsourced to professional patent translation centers should strictly observe the following steps:


(i) Firstly, based on the technical field of an invention, in order to reduce the probability of translation mistakes from the starting point, the patent application is given to a relevant patent attorney to translate. Normally, if not being an urgent case, he or she can propose and agree on a due date for submission of the translation;


(ii) Secondly, the senior patent attorney with the same technical field checks the translation and make corrections, if necessary (1st checking). This step is applied for all patent translations that were outsourced;


(iii) Thirdly, the senior patent attorneys who is the head of patent unit will re-check the corrected translation (2nd checking), focused on the patent claims and whether the most appropriate technical words/terminologies are consistently used throughout the patent application;


(iv) Lastly, final checking of paten translation (3rd checking) will be conducted by Mr. Pham Phi Anh, of-counsel, who was ex-NOIP general director in charge of patents and has joined Pham & Associates. 


Only having passed all above-mentioned steps, the patent application is ready for filing. As the patent translation can be a tedious process, all translators and translation checkers should be aware about a time limit of finalizing the translation so that the patent application can be filed soonest possible as requested by the clients.


To stick to this rule, Pham & Associates has been recognized for its high quality of patent translation that resulted in the highest ratio of patents granted each year.


Finally, it is worth to mention that data security is a critical issue for our clients, therefore every patent translators who works with us must signs a strict confidentiality agreement.


Pham & Associates is a largest local intellectual property law firm in Vietnam. We provide counsel and representation in every area of patents, trademarks, copyrights, enforcement of intellectual property rights as well as their representation in arbitration and litigation proceedings etc. For further information about our organization and services, please visit our website: www.pham.com.vn

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