The Draft Proposal of and Decision on approving the Intellectual Property Development Program up to 2030 are being published for public comments


In implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1068/QD-TTg dated August 22, 2019 on approving the Intellectual Property Strategy (hereinafter, the IP Strategy)  until 2030, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) was assigned to assume the responsibility for preparing the Intellectual Property Development Programme up to 2030 (hereinafter, the Programme). The MoST has drafted the Proposal of the MoST on the Programme and the Decision of the Prime Minister on approving the Programme, posted at https://www.most.gov.vn/vn/Pages/chitietduthao.aspx?iDuThao=806 for public comments from September 9, 2020 to September 25, 2020.

Below are some key features of the Programme:

The Programme's objectives is to implement the IP Strategy to 2030, which has been approved by the Government. The program sets out 04 general goals and 04 specific goals to achieve by 2030 and by mid-term 2025, as follows:

I. Overalll Goals:  04 overall goals are to (i) implement effectively the IP Strategy to 2030; (ii)  make IP really become an important tool in the innovation system; (iii) enhance national competitiveness, promote economic, cultural and social development and (iv) contribute to building an IP culture in the society.

B. Specific objectives: There are 04 specific objectives. In addition to contributing to the implementation of the specific objectives specified in the IP Strategy to 2030, the Programme sets out the following four specific objectives:

Objectives 1. To develop high-quality human resources in IP and innovation,  provide professional training in IP, IP management and grant certification to about 3,000 individuals (by 2025, about 1,200 people will be trained and granted certificates).

Objective 2. To increase both quantity and quality of patent and plant variety applications, significantly improve Vietnam's IP indexes in the Global Innovation Index (GII), including:

- The average number of patent applications increases by 16-18%/year (by 2025 it will reach 12-14%/year) and the number of plant variety protection applications will increase on average by 12-14% / year. (10-12%/year by 2025).

- to support IP protection in the country and abroad for national products and provincial key products, control the appellation of origin and quality after IP rights registration for 100% of products recognized as national products. national key product, provincial key product (about 60% by 2025). Overseas protection of at least 50% of key products protected for geographical indications in Vietnam;

Objective 3. To have at least 200 organizations (by 2025, at least 80 organizations) are instructed and supported to synchronously implement solutions on building and governance of IP assets for sharing and multiplying.

Objective 4: to strengthen capacity  for and effectiveness  of IPR enforcement, to promote the protection of IP rights in the digital environment in order to ensure adaptation to the objective conditions and requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution, to fulfill IPR commitments to New generation FTA (CPTPP and EVFTA) ./.

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