Appealed successful, “ACCU-CHECK INSIGHT” is accepted for registration


The mark “ACCU-CHECK INSIGHT” under international registration No. 954928 for products in Class 05, 10 has been temporarily refused for registration by the IP Vietnam on the ground of confusing similarity with the cited marks “INSIGHT”, International Registration No.578031; “insight agents, hình”, International Registration No.990460. 
On behalf of and authorized by the applicant, Pham & Associates appealed against the above decision, based on the following evidences: (i) International registration 990460 had been invalidated, (ii) the applied-for mark “ACCU-CHECK INSIGHT” has completed the procedure to limit the product list at the WIPO International Office, so that it is no longer similar to the product list of the cited mark “INSIGHT” under the International Registration No. 578031.
Having acknowledged the appeal grounded, NOIP canceled the previous refusal and issued a decision to register "ACCU-CHECK INSIGHT"./.

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