Intellectual Property Practice of Pham & Associates in 2013


Year 2013’s continuous economic recession and/or slow recovery in Vietnam and countries over the world slightly affected the firm’s activities. However, all goals in IP practice are met, namely


a)         Applications filed:

-           Patent (Invention/Utility Solution): 590

-           Trademarks (including Gis): 1,080

-           Designs: 184

-           Copyrights: 98

-           Appeals, Oppositions, Cancellations: 273


b)         Handling of IP Rights infringment:

-           By Administrative measures: 311

-           Litigations before courts: 5


c)         Export/Import controls by Customs: 39


d)         Licensing contracts: 25


e)         Other IP consultancy services: 210


With this record, Pham & Associates continued to be ranked as one of the most prominent IP service provider in Vietnam.

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